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Bipin Doshi

  • Bipin Doshi is a retired President and Chairman of Schafer Industries, Inc, the company he owned for 30 years.
  • Mr. Doshi is a chemical Engineering graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST). He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in early 1960s. Later he received honorary Professional Degree in Chemical Engineering (2001) and Doctor of Engineering (2019) from MST.
  • Mr. Doshi currently serves as a Trustee of his alma mater. Mr. Doshi has served as Chairman of the Board of the American Gear Manufacturing Association. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Beacon Health System, a multi hospital health system, in South Bend Indiana. He has served on the boards of two family-owned business companies.
  • Upon graduation Mr. Doshi was employed at Uniroyal, Inc for 25 years serving in many positions of the organization. He acquired Schafer Gear Works in 1988. When he divested in 2017, the company had achieved 30 times revenue growth and valuation of the company.
  • As an advisor to EV Motors, he brings valuable experience of growing small business focused on growth and profitability with emphasis on achieving set objectives. His knowledge of small business growth will supplement the expertise the current Board brings to EV Motors.

Kanti C Dhandha

  • 40 Years of Experience in Financial Advisory
  • 15 years with Ford, GM and Chrysler in Industrial Engineering
  • Global Real Estate Investor
  • MS Industrial Engineer and MSBA Operational Research from Wayne State University
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University

Meera Vijan

  • Former President of Ovonic Battery Company

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