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EVM-2W Lithium Ion Battery

EVMLAV-25(Low Speed) : EVM offers proprietary battery technology that can charge from 0-80% under 45 mins while compiling to highest safety standards. EVM Battery technology provides smother flow of power for e-2W that are built for personal & commercial commute and deliver high performance.It allows battery to charge fast at 1C rate which leads to shorter downtime and generate high revenue

EVMLAV-42(High Speed) : EV Motors has introduced a battery solution for e-2W built for high speed application i.e. Fleet, Online delivery etc. EVM Li-Ion batteries have a low self-discharge which means if the vehicle is not used for some time, its charge status remains the same.They are also low maintenance. Li-Ion cells, unlike lead acid or nickel cadmium, do not require as frequent maintenance, to ensure their performance.

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